CTA Mistakes, Your $$Millions

Seems pretty basic: Build Loop Link lanes wide enough for the buses. But no. The buses won’t fit.

Next, the CTA wants to flatten Central Lakeview to build a sky-high cement roller coaster that they then won’t maintain. Good idea?

Loop Link mess

Tag, CTA’s ‘It’ on Busload of Worries
by John Hilkevitch, Chicago Tribune, 11/9/2015

How many taggers did it take to pull off one of the worst graffiti attacks on CTA trains in many years, and how were the aerosol vandals able to get away with it undetected at the busy south rail yard on the Red Line?

And how is it that the streetscape architects who designed the CTA’s Loop Link bus rapid transit grid on Madison and Washington streets downtown miscalculated the necessary width of some bus-only lanes? The goof-up has led to construction change orders to widen the already built lanes to eliminate the risk of accordion-style buses striking the new bus stations when pulling out from stops, officials said.

The CTA and the Chicago Department of Transportation do not have complete and reassuring answers to these questions, but one fact stands clear: Taxpayers are picking up the bill.
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