Thanks, CTA……Really? YEP!

cover shot
We still don’t want the Flyover.
We still think it’s a dumb idea and a huge waste of money.
But here we go…

The houses and condos on Wilton have been torn down. And in their place? Trucks, other equipment, sand, gravel and…

A lovely wrought iron fence adorned with butterflies and flowers, plus, new trees and perennials!

Credit Where Credit Is Due
Wilton now has a fantastically lovely construction site (now, there’s a non sequitur) thanks to the determined teamwork and kind hearts of:

  • Maureen Martino & Kate McKenna of East Lakeview Chamber of Commerce and SSA #17;
  • Jeff Wilson & LaTrice Phillips-Thompson, representing the CTA;
  • Alderman Tom Tunney and his dedicated staff;
  • Cityscape Landscape

Thank You for listening to Wilton neighbors’ serious concerns,  and working hard to make this all less painful…even quite pretty!

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Love Lakeview