CTA’s “Golden Corridor”

Why Spend $570 Million+ for this “Signature Project” Flyover Now?

At a May 2014 meeting with Lakeview residents, Forest Claypool enthusiastically explained that the Northside lakefront – from Downtown to Belmont to Uptown & Andersonville – is the “Golden Corridor of the Future,” the place where all the important growth in Chicago will happen. Therefore, Claypool explained, increasing Red and Purple Line capacity by shaving a possible 20-30 seconds off a Red or Purple Line rider’s commute is essential.


The Golden Corridor

We agree that the RPM (Red-Purple Line Modernization) Project to replace 100+-year-old tracks, supports and stations is critical. But tacking on a $570 million+ roller coaster to save Northsiders 20-30 seconds?

What About the Rest of Chicago?

According to a Citizens Taking Action survey, right now that Northside “Golden Corridor” is the only part of the entire CTA system which scores a 10 out of 10 for transit availability 24 hours a day.

What about reaching more Southside communities?

And what about those transit deserts?

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