NICFY = Not in Chicago’s Front Yard.

CTA Flyover at Belmont will destroy Central Lakview, a main Chicago entertainment/tourist area. And why waste $$$ on this crazy flyover when we need so much infrastructure repair?
BW CTA Kimball trainCTA Has Its Work Cut Out For Years To Come
Jon Hilkevitch, Jemal R. Brinson, Ryan Marx, Chicago Tribune, 10/26/2015

The new CTA Cermak-McCormick station that opened this year on the Green Line and the demolition of the Madison/Wabash Loop elevated station house downtown were merely warmups.

The Chicago Transit Authority has amassed a lengthy, complex and expensive list of projects that amount to IOUs to the transit-riding public, going well beyond the agency’s longtime promise to provide “on time, clean, safe and friendly service.’’

The total of the projects runs well into the billions of dollars and — because of eye-popping costs, regulatory red tape and assorted NIMBY issues (like the proposed Brown Line flyover bridge in Lakeview) — it’s murky in some cases when ribbon-cuttings will be held.
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