Taking A Wrecking Ball To Chicago’s Charm

Check out this great article in Streetsblog Chicago which examines the destruction thoughtless “progress” has caused to Chicago in the past. Then, consider how much the CTA plans to spend today to ruin Lakeview with an unneeded Flyover. Can’t we ever learn?

Jane Byrne Interchange in the West Loop

Jane Byrne Interchange showing land parcel map superimposed as tweeted by artist and planning consultant Neil Freeman.

Ghosts Parcels Show How Urban Highways Squandered Valuable Land
by John Greenfield, Streetsblog Chicago, 10/6/2015

Dan Ryan and Stevenson expressway interchange in Bridgeport-Chinatown

Dan Ryan and Stevenson Interchange, again with superimposed parcel map

from the article:
Think about how much money in property and sales taxes were generated by the homes and businesses that formerly stood on these parcels before they fell victim to the wrecking ball so that high-speed roadways could be shoved through the urban fabric. Equally important, think of all the lives that were uprooted in the name of “progress.”
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Oh, and here’s the CTA’s vision for Lakeview post Flyover: