Misleading Illustrations, Outright Lies

Sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way they told you it would.

An 1800s illustration showing how lovely life will be with a train overhead.


1886 reality: Angel’s Curve, also known as Suicide Curve, was part of the Ninth Avenue El at 110th Street in New York. What New York tore down many years ago, the CTA wants to build today in Lakeview.

Here are the CTA’s illustrations of how the Flyover and Central Lakeview will look. Illustrations that don’t show where the Flyover really will go.
Or what it will do to Lakeview.

no swing out

NO. The Flyover would swing far out to the right and climb much higher, taking out that building in the distance. In the foreground, there isn’t room for that building, let alone its back porches.

wilton store

Nope. This building (shown above from the rear, with porches) won’t fit. The corner lot at Belmont & Wilton is 30′ deep.


Impossible. That new building at the corner of Wilton & School won’t fit, nor will any of the buildings on that side of the street.  According to the CTA, the lots left after construction will be only 30′ deep.


Nothing Real Here. The new, tall building on the current site of Johnny O’Hagan’s would not fit in the space. Also, the tracks are much higher – 45’+ high. The shiny tube?? There is no tube. According to CTA engineers, the roller coaster will be simply bare tracks with a 4′ concrete sound barrier on the sides.

clark st.

And NO. The tall apartment building on the left will not fit. There will be tall El supports on much of the property. Currently, a beautiful building stands on this site.

And the Wilton Parking Lot?