Whose Name on this ‘Signature Project’?

The CTA got a FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact) ruling from the feds by using fun fantasy math – multiplying 20-30 second delays on 40% of trips to arrive at “448 train hours of delay in a single year”  and other misleading chatter. Fun reading: FONSI report

Next,  by tapping into all  sorts of federal pots, they’ll use federal funds to magically meet the state and local funding requirement to build the Flyover.

Still, for this “Signature Project” CTA Flyover, the big question remains:
Whose Signature?


Who will want their name on the Belmont Flyover in 10 years when Central Lakeview – a major restaurant, theater, entertainment district – has been gutted, turned into a permanent under-El wasteland to save some commuters 20-30 seconds on some of their trips downtown?

Who will want their name on it in 20 years when the CTA has failed to maintain it and riders are taking that shaky curve up over other elevated tracks, 45 ft.+ high in the air?

They insulted Jane Byrne by renaming the Circle Interchange in her “honor.”

So, which of the politicians happily boosting the Flyover now will want his name attached to this nightmare for years to come?