Belmont -Western Flyover Nightmare Continues

Update: The tear down of the highway viaduct at Belmont & Western now won’t happen till NEXT year. So, one more year before the ugliness and emptiness stops and life can return to that neighborhood for the first time in 50+ years.

Meanwhile, we wait for the CTA Flyover to be built in Central Lakeview, and for the ugliness and emptiness to start on Clark Street.


Western & Belmont Viaduct to Vanish, 1.3 Miles of Wider Sidewalks Planned
Streetsblog Chicago, 6/10/14

The Chicago Department of Transportation plans to tear down the structurally deficient 52-year-old viaduct that lifts traffic on Western Avenue over the intersection of Belmont and Clybourn. Instead of a gloomy concrete interchange walling off the edge of Roscoe Village, a more conventional surface-level intersection could be built as soon as 2016.