Building Arrives Just As Neighborhood Leaves

3200 N. ClarkAt the corner of Belmont and Clark, the Dunkin’ Donuts, better known as Punkin’ Donuts, is gone and they have started construction on this beautiful, new $50 million condo building.

Wonder if they’ll tell prospective condo buyers that two full blocks of Clark St. just north of their new address will soon be leveled and replaced by a 45 ft. high cement Skyway-style CTA Flyover?

Lovely building. Too bad it’s arriving just as the neighborhood is leaving.

highwayflyovercroppedRead more about the new building in DNA:
Tunney Touts Belmont-Clark As ‘Catalyst’ To Improving Safety, Development
By Ariel Cheung, DNA Lakeview, 8/13/2015

Can one building draw business, discourage crime and designate Belmont and Clark as an “iconic” Chicago intersection?

It’s a tall order, but after breaking ground on the mixed-use development on Wednesday, officials think it will stand up to the challenge.

“The 24/7 development will add so much vitality and safety into this intersection, and that’s been one of our problems, safety in our neighborhood,” Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) said. “We think economic development can … make it a safer neighborhood.”