Transit TIF Hearing – Please Attend!

City of Chicago + CTA Public Meeting
RPM Transit TIF Plan

6:00 pm, Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Sullivan Athletic Center,
2323 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago

Who should attend? All residents, property owners, taxpayers, anyone who cares about the future of Lakeview.

Transit TIF? The City of Chicago proposes to pay its share of funding for the CTA’s RPM (Red-Purple Line Modernization) Plan by creating a special TIF tax district of all the land within 1/2 mile in either direction along the Red Line tracks from Devon Ave. to Division St. So, your property tax dollars will be used to gut Central Lakeview and erect their silly  “Signature Project” Belmont Flyover.

What does this mean?  Why should you care?

Read here.

 Then, come to the meeting. Participate.