Loop Link: All Glitches, No Glamour

The Loop Link plan was announced with much fanfare. As it arrives, the excitement dims…

Want to see how the much-lauded “Signature Project” CTA Belmont Flyover will really look, what it will really do to Lakeview, and at what real cost?

Traffic-clogging construction has been underway for almost six months on Loop Link, the Emanuel administration’s experiment intended to speed CTA buses through downtown, yet the bus rapid transit service will be launched late this year with fewer features than originally promised, officials told the Tribune.

Even before the changes that threaten to reduce the benefits of the whole endeavor to ease congestion in the central Loop, the $32 million project was labeled “BRT Lite” by some transportation experts because its design lacked several elements that are key to helping buses replicate the service reliability of rail rapid transit. Those experts said making a strong first impression was vital to winning public backing for introducing bus rapid transit citywide.
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