Sun-Times: CTA, Residents at Odds


CTA Praises Flyover, but some Lakeview Neighbors still concerned.
by Tina Sfondeles, Chicago Sun-Times, 6/3/15

The CTA invited the public to a June 3 Hearing about the Belmont Flyover, but it was instead an Open House. No public forum, no discussions. Just lots of poster boards and lots of CTA reps selling the Flyover.

Fortunately, the press did want to hear what we had to say:

“What has been shown today in terms of how it affects the neighborhood is definitely unacceptable,” said Adam Rosa, president of a condominium association two blocks from the Belmont station. “It’s basically a bomb blast in the middle of the community. Sixteen properties relocated. The structure is not elegant. It looks like a highway overpass in the middle of the neighborhood.”  Read more