Open Letter to Dorval Carter

Dear new CTA President, Welcome and Watch Your Step, Please
by Jon Hilkevitch, Chicago Tribune, 5/11/2015

In his open letter to incoming CTA President Dorval Carter, the Tribune’s Jon Hilkevitch offered plenty of sound advice. For example, Drop the Flyover:

“The CTA should reconsider a commitment made by Claypool to spend $320 million to build at this time the elevated rail bridge near the Belmont station that serves the Red, Brown and Purple/Evanston Express lines. The planned “flyover” bridge would reconfigure the tracks so Brown Line trains would use a ramp to cross above tracks used by Red and Purple line trains at Clark Junction, near the Belmont stop. But CTA officials have not made the case that any time savings would be significant. The project, opposed by neighbors in Lakeview, is a solution to a problem that doesn’t yet fully exist.”